About us

text2speech.in - The easiest way to convert your written text into audio. Create realistic voices for any text in seconds by using over 700+ realistic voices across 80+ languages. Imagine a world where people who have speech impediments can also become voice actors. This can be a reality thanks to text-to-speech conversion. Text-to-speech conversion is the process of converting written text into speech. It is often used for eBooks, business presentations, and video tutorials during which an onscreen narrator reads the script aloud. You can use this tool to turn a written story into an audio book, narrate a video, or create your own voice messages. If you have ever wanted to use text-to-speech but were limited by its robotic sound, then text2speech is the solution for you!

Text2speech.in is absolutely free!

With over 700+ realistic voices across 80+ languages, providing you with the best choice for your language and need. It’s not just about the number of languages it supports, but also about how good the quality of these voice samples are.

How does it work?

1) Paste or type in your text 2) Choose your voice from our list of 700+ voices in 80+ languages 3) Click Listen to preview and find the perfect voice for you!